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Valiant Professional PT-SD 650 RIB

Valiant Ribs - Rigid Inflatable Boats

The Valiant range of Rigid Inflatable Boats covers leisure, professional & military applications. With sizes from 2.5m to 8.5m in length, or larger for 'specials', Valiant RIBs have a solid, reliable, more utilitatian reputation, and are not too expensive. Rugged, simple and well-built, Valiant RIBs are a sensible secondhand buy, with plenty of examples around.

Alternatives RIBs

Ocean Ribs, Brig RIBS , Avon RIBS, Humber Inflatables RIBs

Valiant RIB range:

Dynamic 240-370-300

Dynamic 300-340-380

Vanguard 400-450-490

Vanguard 530-570-620-750

Vanguard 620 Cruiser

Vanguard 750 Cruiser

DR 400-450-490

DR 520-570, 630-750

PT 520-650-750-850

PT-SD 650-750-850

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